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Stephen Temmer began selling Neumann Disk Cutting Systems in 1957 and the following year he registered the Gotham Audio Corporation with the State of New York, assuming US distribution for all Neumann products. Over the next 30 years, Gotham Audio was instrumental in bringing the finest European audio technology to the US market, while also introducing many of the most innovative American products to Europe. The advertisements, product brochures and links featured in this museum represent just a few pages in the illustrious history of Gotham's contributions to professional audio.

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Gotham CDR 90
CDR 90
Recordable CD
Recordable CD
Gotham Cables
Gotham Audio Cables
George Neumann & Co. Gefell
Georg Neumann
& Co. Gefell
Neumann TLM 170
TLM 170
Neumann U-47/U-48
Neumann U-47/U-48
Condenser Microphone
Neumann U-67 Microphone
Neumann U-67
Neumann Master Disk
Neumann Master Disk Recording Lathe AM-32B
Gotham Cables
Disk Cutting Lathe
Disk Mastering Lathe System VMS 70 Stereo
Disk Mastering
Lathe System
VMS 70 Stereo
Gotham Feedback Disk Cutting System
Gotham Feedback
Disk Cutting System
Dynamic Stereo Feedback Cutterhead SX-45
Dynamic Stereo
Cutterhead SX-45
Gotham PFB-150WA Power Amplifier
Gotham PFB-150WA
Power Amplifier
Popular EMT Products
Popular EMT Products
EMT Cables
EMT Cables
EMT History
EMT History
EMT 140 TS
EMT 140 TS
EMT Reverb Family
EMT Reverb Family
EMT 240 Foil Reverb
EMT 240
Foil Reverb
EMT 240 Digital Reverb
EMT 250
Digital Reverb
EMT 251 Control Panel
EMT 251
Control Panel
Gotham Model 101 Delta-T Digital Delay
Gotham Model 101 Delta-T Digital Delay
Winer & Temmer Debate U-47
Winer & Temmer Debate U-47
Gotham Trademark 2008
Gotham Trademark
Gotham Anniversary 2013
Gotham Anniversary

So much of Gotham's past vanished after the dissolution of the original New York companies. As time and funding permit, we are gradually rebuilding an archive of older catalogs, sales literature and technical papers. In these efforts we depend on the assitance of those who have kept these materials in their files for decades.

We gratefully acknowledge the kindness of Cliff Henricksen, a veteran engineer and inventor who has held key senior technical positions at Altec-Lansing, Community, Electro-Voice and Bose Corporation. In December 2013, Cliff donated the following valuable documents to our Gotham archives:

Neumann Transistor Condensor Microphones Brochure 1971
Gotham EMT Price Sheet Price List 1976
Neumann Condenser Microphones FET 80 Catalog 100 1977
Gotham New for 76 Product Introductions Catalog 1975
EMT General Catalog Catalog 1975
Gotham Delta T-101 Eleectronic Delay Brochure 1971
Gotham Disk Cutting Price List 4 Price List 1970
Gotham Professional Products Price List 3 Price List 1970
Gotham Neumann Microphone Price List 1 & 2 Price List 1970
Gotham/Neumann Franchised Dealers Dealer List 1970
Neumann Transistor Condenser Microphones FET 80 Catalog 1968
Studer A62 Studio Tape Recorder Brochure 1967
EMT 140 Reverberation Unit Brochure 1970
Studer 089 Mixing Console Brochure 1970
Neumann 24x8x1 Studio Control Console featuring two built-in ashtrays with Rolls RoyCe electronic cigarette lighters Brochure 1970
Klein+Hummel OY Active Monitor Speaker Brochure 1970
EMT 156 Compressor Limiter Brochure 1970
EMT Audio Cables for Studio Application Brochure 1970
Gotham 1979/1980 Full Line Catalog Catalog 1979

We now have on file a 63 page PDF of the 1959 Gotham Sales Co. General Catalog. The catalog includes full descriptive literature on many products from Neumann. Beyer. AGFA and others. Of particular interst are the cut sheets for the U-47 microphone and the Neumann and Gotham disk cutting products. The catalog also includes Gotham price lists dated September 1, 1959. The PDF can be found on-line at Archive. We have printed up a few color copies which we are pleased to supply for $12.00 each to cover costs of copying and mailing.

We also wish to acknowledge the kindness of Mark Fichman, Peter Engel, C.D. Smith and Alex Martin who have provided us with important bits of Gotham history. The Fichman family had preserved a copy of the Europadisk DMM Sixtieth Birthday Souvenier Album which Stephen F. Temmer commissioned for his birthday celebrations in 1988. It consists of recordings made by Temmer in the 1950's and features some of the first US recording sessions with the Neumann U-47, as well as some of the early recordings (1951-1955) that Temmer made at the studios of the Gotham Recording Corporation.

We have created digital safeties of this unique piece of Gotham history so as to make its contents available to audio/music historians and researchers. Special thanks to Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, for his invaluable assistance with this project.

Bob Ludwig and Klaus Heyne have made invaluable contributions to our knowledge of the Neumann products that Gotham distributed.

Special thanks to Christopher Preston of South Wales, NY for his diligence and assistance in searching out and preserving Gotham Audio's sales literature and service manuals. Chris, as a dedicated and responsible member of the audio community, has applied for and received licenses from Gotham Audio LLC to reproduce and distribute historical materials bearing the distinctive Gotham Audio trademark.

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