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Winer & Temmer
Debate U-47

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Ethan WinerStephen Temmer

Winer & Temmer
Debate U-47

Stephen Temmer was a controversial figure in Pro Audio. His considerable skills, erudition and accomplishments were frequently overshadowed by a personality and style which all too often alienated clients, co-workers and fellow professionals. This was especially the case with those who dared to question his dogmatic pronouncements about all things audio. The material that follows is taken from a wonderful website maintained by Ethan Winer, a distinguished engineer, studio owner, author, acoustician and musician. In 1980 Ethan wrote a min-article for a leading audio magazine which aroused Temmer's ire. Following, courtesy of, is the article, the exchange with Temmer, and some additional follow-up on the VF-14 tube.



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