As Paul Harvey would say, "Here's the rest of the story...":

Lewis Frisch directs Gotham Audio (USA)'s operations in the US. Lew has an extensive background in professional cable sales having previously served as a leading dealer, manufacturer's rep and regional sales manager for several cable manufacturers including Gepco, Mogami and Gotham.

Way back in 1966, Lewis Frisch was working as a part time stock-boy and sales trainee for Sam Goody's, then the world's largest record store, on West 49th Street in Manhattan. The take-home pay was only $47.00 a week but you could get records on employee discount for as low as a dollar and almost every night in the summer of 1966 you could catch a subway down to Greenwich Village and see The Blues Project, The Paul Butterfield Band, Richie Havens or The Youngbloods. Lew was befriended by a slightly older employee, Jerry Graham, who stocked the shelves for the leading brands of the day while Lew attended to the lesser labels such as Dot and Crescendo.

Jerry Graham soon moved on to a long and distinguished career with Gotham Audio, managing all sales of Neumann microphones in the eastern US for many years. After a few twists and turns, Frisch opened a recording studio in Atlanta and in 1984 he joined a newly formed pro audio dealership there. He again touched base with Jerry Graham. Neumann was one of the first lines acquired by Showcase Audio, which soon became the region's leading Neumann dealer.

Lew left retail sales in 1990 to work for the console manufacturer AMEK, but when he returned to retail in 1994, he immediately touched base with Jerry Graham, who by then had started a new company, G Prime, to import Microtech Gefell microphones. Lew became a dealer for Gefell and also re-connected with Franz Ammann and Gotham AG. As Sales Manager for Comprehensive Technical Group in Atlanta, Frisch supplied many thousands of feet of double-shielded Gotham audio cable to NBC, their Atlanta affiliate (WXIA-TV), and foreign broadcasters during the 1996 Olympic Games.

Back in New York City, Gotham audio cable was distributed by Joe Leung, who for many years had headed Gotham Audio's service facility. His company, Gotham Service Labs, continued a long tradition of selling and servicing Neumann microphones, always accompanied by Gotham cables.

Frisch left retail again in 2001 to serve as a regional sales manager for Gepco, a Chicago based cable manufacturer. He relocated from Atlanta to Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter Joe Leung retired, leaving Franz Ammann with a major distribution void in the eastern US. In 2004, Gepco eliminated Frisch's position and it was only natural that he would again contact Franz Ammann. Soon the "The European Choice" in audio cables was once again readily available to the most discerning East Coast professionals.

In November 2004, Lewis Frisch and Franz Ammann formed a new company, Gotham Audio LLC, to serve as the exclusive American distributor for Gotham Audio Cables. Today, Gotham Audio LLC continues a 59 year tradition of professionalism and excellence, distributing Gotham Audio Cables from its office and warehouse in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

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