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2019 Super Sale

A few years ago the factory had some problems with the quality of the PVC jacketing on a few runs of products. In some cases the printing was nearly invisible. In other cases the jacketing just did not have the nice look and feel of our usual production. Sometimes the problem was very minor, such as a bit more tacky in feel or a bit too hard or glossy. In all cases, the cable itself was totally usuable, with unchanged electrical and sonic characteristics. From 2016 to 2018, we are offering the remaining "B Stock" rolls at DRAMATICALLY REDUCED PRICES.

Also offering perfectly good cable cut from remnant rolls (GAC-2 and GAC-2miniAES) and perfectly good cable printed with an incorrect part number (GAC-1).

Available in 25 Meter (82 feet) or 50 Meter (164 feet).

Act now because quantities are limited.

GAC 3-5.8mm
The Classic Gotham 3 Conductor Microphone Cable with a thicker black jacket.
Electrically perfect but the jacket has a tacky feel and the printing rubs off. Fine as it is for permanent install and it can be cleaned with Lexol vinyl cleaner to make it more suitable for all uses. We have lots of 10, 25 and 50 meter coils at a super-low price for this Double Reussen Shielded cable which boasts superior protection against RF interference.
$ 0.52 per foot

This grade A stock, recent production, cut from remnant rolls into 25 and 50 meter coils. All of these remnants are black. GAC-2 is a high quality, double Reussen shielded balanced cable well suited for a wide range of applications both live and in the studio. A truly great value at a low sale price. Lots in stock.
$ 0.53 per foot

Our popular unbalanced instrument cable which is also perfect for unbalanced patch cords and interconnect cables.
Grade A but printed with incorrect part number. 25 and 50 meter coils.
$ 0.35 per foot

GAC-2MiniAES Installation Cable
This Double Reussen Shielded Installation Cable is a great value for both Analog and Digital applications where a thick outer jacket (like mic cable jacket) is not required. Also known as console cable or rack wiring cable, this low capacitance cable (24 AWG conductors) offers outstanding performance.
Available in Black (#10630) or Purple (#10620). 25, 50 and 100 meter lengths.
$ 0.40 per foot

Sale Items

We do keep a substantial stock of connectorized cable assemblies for the convenience of our clients. THERE IS A SECTION ON THIS GOTHAM (USA) WEBSITE WHICH FEATURES A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW OF MANY OF THE MOST POPULAR GAC CABLE ASSEMBLIES. Use the Navigator Button on the home page for GAC Cable Assemblies.

We also design and produce a line of innovative cable assemblies known as the LINCOLN HERITAGE SERIES, most of which feature Gotham Audio Cable. These assemblies are sold exclusively by our sister company. THE SOUND PARCEL.

GAC-1UltraPro Cable assemblies are enjoying great popularity with musicians and audiophiles. The Gotham GAC-1 UltraPro unbalanced cable, has been a favorite with musicians for several years, offering a neutral sonic signature and tremendous “bang for the buck.” We offer a range of instrument cables featuring Amphenol T series 1/4” connectors. We also continue to offer the more compact and super-flexible GAC-1 cables for medium and line level unbalanced applications such as effects pedals and home hi-fi interconnects.

THE SOUND PARCEL also offers the Lincoln Heritage Springfield cables which provide a high level of performance and reliability at a budget price. There are an assortment of instrument cables made with several colors of Gotham’s DGS-1 cable with G&H 1/4” connectors and balanced microphone cables made with blue Gotham GAC-2 cable and Amphenol AX series xlr connectors.

It took some time for audiophiles to adopt the GAC-1UltraPro cable for their RCA terminated interconnect cables but since 2014 we have seen a strong demand from audiophiles around the world for Gotham UltraPro RCA interconnect assemblies. We currently offer these with Switchcraft, Dayton, Deltron and KLEI (Eichmann) RCA connectors.

The revolutionary KLEI Copper Bullet RCA connectors have been especially favored by those seeking the highest level of reproduction. In addition the Lincoln Heritage Series features an extraordinary RCA cable assembly — the Lincoln Emancipator — featuring the KLEI connectors. Available from THE SOUND PARCEL.

All GAC and Lincoln Heritage cable assemblies are fabricated in Illinois USA.

Beginning in 2017 Gotham Audio (USA) began offering terminated AC Power assemblies, fabricated by our assembly shop partners in Illinois, featuring four of the new Gotham GPC AC Power cables.

We have now branded these in the Lincoln Heritage series and are offering them as Illinois Power AC Cable Assemblies, available exclusively from THE SOUND PARCELue

The IP-225 is a basic foil shielded cable assembly with inexpensive 029 series IEC and Edison connectors. The IP-015 is a premium Reussen shielded cable assembly with HiFi King CC-18 connectors for low power (< 8 amps) applications. The IP-025 is a premium Reussen shielded cable assembly with high quality Wattgate IEC and Edison connectors and a flexible PVC jacket. The IP -055 assemblies feature even more extensive shielding, large 5.5mm2 conductors and audiophile grade Wattgate Evo IEC and Edison connectors.

The growing demand for 75 ohm BNC terminated cables for Digital Audio and Word Clock applications has led us to partner with Clark Wire and Cable to offer our customers truly high performance cable assemblies made with Clark 7506F SDI Coaxial Cable and highest quality Neutrik BNC connectors. These are sold by THE SOUND PARCEL as the Lincoln Route 45 HD Coax.

The Lincoln Heritage Series also includes an xlr terminated interconnect cable for 110 ohm AES digital audio- the Lincoln Route 45 Digital and an RCA terminated coax cable for S/PDIF digital audio – the Lincoln Route 97 Digital.

In 2017, Gotham Audio LLC designed a number of specialized cable assemblies using highest quality Mini-TRS connectors, also a TRS terminated UltraPro cable assembly for demanding field appolications and two types of high end speaker cable assemblies for connecting between amp heads and speaker cabinets. These innovative Lincoln Heritage assemblies are all sold on the Internet by THE SOUND PARCEL.

A best seller since 2017 has been a very special new production of our GAC-3-5.8mm Classic Microphone Cable in VINTAGE BROWN. Terminated with Neutrik NC3XX-B xlr’s. We also offer the option of termination with Switchcraft AAABAUZ connectors- add $ 1.00.

10 Foot : $ 32.00
20 Foot: $ 37.00
25 Foot: $ 40.00

These are also offered with grounded shields (our KH option) for maximum
protection against RFI. $ 3.00 optional cost.

At one time or another, everyone seems to need a pair or two of XLR to TRS adaptor cables. These don’t appear separately on our GAC assemblies page but we DO have them in stock ( they are shown on The Big Sale page). These assemblies feature our best GAC-4/1 Cable in 6 and 10 foot lengths terminated with Neutrik NC3XX-B XLR’s and Amphenol T Series TRS.
**6 Foot XLR-TRS : $ 27.00*
**10 Foot XLR-TRS : $ 31.00*

TRS to TRS Cables with Black Shell Gold Contact Amphenol T Series TRS Connectors are $ 26.00 for 6 Foot and $ 30.00 for 10 Foot. . From time to time we also have 2 or 3 foot in stock ( $ 23.00)

We have a few TRS to TRS CABLES made with Neutrik NP2X nickel
connectors. These are specially priced, but quantities are limited.
TRS to TRS. 6 foot Gotham GAC-4/1 with nickel Connectors. $ 18.00

See our BIG SALE page & LITTLE SALE Page for specials on other GAC Microphone Cable Assemblies and for some very special pricing on 10 Foot and 20 Foot GAC-3 assemblies in a variety of colors that Gotham ceased to manufacture after 2007.

TAME THE TANGLES SALE: Gear gets more and more compact and recording spaces get smaller and smaller. So why are you still tripping over or detangling those those messy 20 and 25 foot cables ? Get the best cable in a convenient and practical 10 Foot Length. Our best selling GAC-3 cables in colors with black shell, gold pin XLR connectors. RED, YELLOW, GREEN, WHITE A great buy at $ 26.50 each.

Gotham GAC-4/1 Quad Mic and Interconnect Cables. 25 foot. Black shell, gold pin XLR connectors. Black Cable. $ 42.00 each.

Gotham GAC-2 Mic Cables. 20 Foot with Nickel XLR Connectors. RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, PINK, & MINT Cable. $ 26.00 each. SEE THE LITTLE SALE PAGE.


We have some odds and ends which might be very handy! Quantities are limited. These are listed on THE LITTLE SALE and THE BIG SALE pages. We also have some specially priced 25 foot GAC-3 mic cables in green, yellow and white on what we call our NOT SO LOVELY SPECIAL: for $ 35.00

We generally terminate balanced cables with Neutrik and Switchcraft xlr connectors
but we usually have a number of assemblies on hand that have been terminated with Amphenol AX series xlrs and offered at a special price.

Older runs of GAC-3-5.8mm ( the classic mic cable with a slightly thicker jacket), GAC-4/1 quad mic and interconnect and GAC-2V1 low noise mic cable have been made into bargain priced assemblies. The outer jackets are not quite up to the highest standards of current production— they may be distinguished by unattractive print jobs or a slightly less appealing feel. But the performance and price will be right!.

GAC-3-5.8mm Black. 25 Foot with Neutrik NC3XX-B xlr’s : $ 33.00
GAC-4/1 Black. 25 Foot with Switchcraft AAA3BAUZ xlr’s : $ 36.00
GAC-4/1 Black. 20 Foot with Amphenol or Neutrik Nickel xkr’s : $ 30.00
GAC-2V1 Black: 25 foot with Neutrik NC3XX Nickel xlr’s : $ 28.00

Something New (First Introduced in 2014)

NOW IN STOCK : A newer range of high end cables featuring our newest concepts in multiple layers of shielding and our acclaimed UltraPro jacketing and low capacitance insulation.

In 2014, we were proud to introduce and stock three new High End versions of our GAC-2 microphone and balanced interconnect cable, our audiophile-favorite GAC-4/1 interconnect cable and our GAC-2AES low capacitance analog/digital audio cable. These ULTRAPRO cables are now available in balanced cable assemblies fetauring Neutrik NC3XX-14BD xlr connectors.

Initial feedback from audiophiles and mastering engineers in the United States and Asia declard UltraPro cables to be extraordinary products that compete with and best consumer products costing ten to twenty times their price. Quite simply. these may well be the ultimate balanced interconnect cables for the most demanding applications. The GAC-4/1 UltraPro has, in particular, been singled out for providing listeners with a listening experience marked by openness, detail and neutrality far beyond the norm,

Building on the legacy of the famed EMT double-stage Reusen shield cables, these new Gotham designs combine the absolute highest level of protection against RF interference with flexibilty and the other attributes that have made Gotham the cable of choice for so many discerning engineers and audiophiles.

The combination of a rugged UltraPro jacketing and the industry’s most advanced shielding results in a cable that will also be perfectly suited to the most demanding field recording and remote broadcast applications.

All these cables use the Neutrik NC3XX-14BD xlr connectors because their larger outer diameters require an enlarged connector boot.

The part numbers for the bulk cable are 10561, 10666 (identical to 10561 except for color) and 11301. Try a pair and judge for yourself. You can return them within 30 days if you are not totally impressed.

GAC-2 UltraPro Balanced Cable Assembly
Available in Marine Blue or Purple
1 meter pair $ 85.00
2 meter pair $ 95.00
5 meter pair $ 128.00

GAC-4/1 UltraPro Balanced Cable Assembly
Available in Marine Blue
1 meter pair $ 114.00
2 meter pair $ 136.00
5 meter pair $ 202.00

Products for Vintage Audio enthusiasts. Gotham Audio’s Lewis Frisch has been collecting home playback systems dating from the introduction of solid state components in the mid-1960’s through to the “silver era” of high quality Japanese components, which for most purposes ended around 1982. Many of the very early systems marketed by KLH, Realistic and others incorporated connections to speakers by way of RCA phono jacks on both the amplifier and speakers. The connecting cables were typically low quality, 20 gauge wire with cheap molded connectors.

With his personal collection in mind, Frisch developed a line of high quality RCA terminated speaker cables and modestly priced but equally high quality interconnect cables featuring Gotham cable with Ampheno and Switchraft RCA connectors.

These speaker cable assemblies can be found on our GAC Cable Asemblies pages, on E-Bay and on the SOUND PARCEL website

If you share an interest in silver-era vintage hi-fi, please visit our sister business, Bedford Vintage Hi-Fi, at www.bedcon.com