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2019 Super Sale

A few years ago the factory had some problems with the quality of the PVC jacketing on a few runs of products. In some cases the printing was nearly invisible. In other cases the jacketing just did not have the nice look and feel of our usual production. Sometimes the problem was very minor, such as a bit more tacky in feel or a bit too hard or glossy. In all cases, the cable itself was totally usuable, with unchanged electrical and sonic characteristics. From 2016 to 2018, we are offering the remaining "B Stock" rolls at DRAMATICALLY REDUCED PRICES.

Also offering perfectly good cable cut from remnant rolls (GAC-2 and GAC-2miniAES) and perfectly good cable printed with an incorrect part number (GAC-1).

Available in 25 Meter (82 feet) or 50 Meter (164 feet).

Act now because quantities are limited.

GAC 3-5.8mm
The Classic Gotham 3 Conductor Microphone Cable with a thicker black jacket.
Electrically perfect but the jacket has a tacky feel and the printing rubs off. Fine as it is for permanent install and it can be cleaned with Lexol vinyl cleaner to make it more suitable for all uses. We have lots of 10, 25 and 50 meter coils at a super-low price for this Double Reussen Shielded cable which boasts superior protection against RF interference.
$ 0.52 per foot

This grade A stock, recent production, cut from remnant rolls into 25 and 50 meter coils. All of these remnants are black. GAC-2 is a high quality, double Reussen shielded balanced cable well suited for a wide range of applications both live and in the studio. A truly great value at a low sale price. Lots in stock.
$ 0.53 per foot

Our popular unbalanced instrument cable which is also perfect for unbalanced patch cords and interconnect cables.
Grade A but printed with incorrect part number. 25 and 50 meter coils.
$ 0.35 per foot

GAC-2MiniAES Installation Cable
This Double Reussen Shielded Installation Cable is a great value for both Analog and Digital applications where a thick outer jacket (like mic cable jacket) is not required. Also known as console cable or rack wiring cable, this low capacitance cable (24 AWG conductors) offers outstanding performance.
Available in Black (#10630) or Purple (#10620). 25, 50 and 100 meter lengths.
$ 0.40 per foot

Sale Items


Our RCA plug terminated *GAC-1UltraPro Cable assemblies are enjoying great popularity with audiophiles. The revolutionary EICHMANN Copper Bullet RCA connectors have been especially favored by those seeking the highest level of reproduction.

Our sister company, THE SOUND PARCEL, features an even more impressive RCA interconnect cable Assembly, the LINCOLN EMANCIPATOR. These cables feature Gotham 2111 cable and KLEI Harmony copper bullet connectors.

We are clearing out odds and ends of various RCA connector assemblies
We have ( 4 ) three meter pairs of GAC-1UltraPro in Marine Blue terminated with Furutech FP-162(G) RCA connectors for $ 50.00 each. We have a variety of shorter GAC-1UltraPro assemblies with high quality Dayton and Deltron RCA connectors that we are also clearing out.

These are mostly short length pairs ( 2 to 6 feet), being sold at reduced prices They will offer audiophile-level performance at a very reasonable cost. Some are listed are listed on *E-Bay in the Dave and Lew’s Electronics N’ More store. They can also be purchased directly from Gotham. Call or e-mail us for an up-to-date listing

Our LITTLE SALE FOR THE SECOND HALF OF 2019 contains over a hundred items for audiophiles, musicians, stage and studio. A complete listing is currently available on request and these will be posted on our website in the near future. Mostly cable assemblies but also includes some remnant coils of bulk cable.

We have (6) GAC-3-5.8mm mic cable assemblies that were custom made to an 8 foot length for a customer who then cancelled his special order. These feature new production vintage brown GAC-3-5.8mm cable ( thicker jacket) with Neutrik NC3XX-B xlr connectors. $ 23.00 each.

We have (6) 15 foot GAC-3-5.8mm Classic Microphone Cable Assemblies in BLACK with Neutrik NC3XX-B black shell, gold pin xlr connectors. The outer jacket on these is a bit tacky with printing that rubs off. You can clean these with Vinylex or a
cleaner of your choice and they will be just fine. These are wonderful shorter microphone cables but they were fabricated with from a run of cable whose outer jackets was just not quite up to an “ A stock” rating. They certainly are B+.
$ 28.00 each

The BIG SALE page we created in 2010 continues on into 2019. Most prices have increased a bit due to rising costs of assembly labor and connectors. A few colors have sold out. A few items have been added.

Go to the Navigator Button that says THE BIG SALE for some great buys on our best selling mic cable assemblies. But don’t forget THE LITTLE SALE ! This section is regularly updated with many great deals on both cable assemblies and bulk cable.

In addition to the BIG SALE and LITTLE SALE specials found elsewhere on our website, we are pleased to present you with the following:

GAC-2 SPECIALS (continuing)

GAC-2 is a highly flexible mic cable with a velvet matte PVC jacket that is non-reflecting and neutral in appearance. Of course, it features Gotham’s finely stranded conductors and double Reussen shielding. The 0.21” Outer Diameter is an ideal match for popular XLR connectors.
We are continuing our sale of # 10405 GAC-2 REMNANT ROLLS (BLACK). We have a dwindling supply of these in many lengths ranging from 30 to 60 meter. All loaded with top quality black GAC-2 from production runs over the last five years. These are specially sale priced at $ 0.51 per foot. A great price for double-shielded cable.

We still have high quality 20 foot GAC-2 cable assemblies with nickel XLR’s in red, blue, green, yellow, pink and mint for a great sale price of $26.00 each. Quantities are limited. The best shielded cable available at this low price.


Our 2008-2009 special on New Old Stock microphone cable was so well received that we were encouraged to search for other remaining product from the old Austrian factory. We located several thousand feet of black DGS-1 Unbalanced Cable that bears the “Made In Austria” markings, It boasts a soft, flexible black PVC jacket with that unique feel from the pre-RoHS manufacturing process. A good quality unbalanced cable with a single Reussen wire shield at a price that is way less than current DGS stock! Perfect for inexpensive guitar cords, instrument cables, hi-fi interconnects. unbalanced patch cables and other DIY projects.

The roll size is 328 feet but we will also sell it in 25 meter ( 82 feet) cut lengths.

The full rolls are $ 100.00 which comes out to a bit over $ 0.30 per foot. The 25 meter cut lengths sell for $ 28.00. As of 2019, we have some 2400 feet still available at this special pricing. The rest of our inventory has been is set aside for use in the low-priced LINCOLN SPRINGFIELD instrument cable assemblies which are sold on-line by THE SOUND PARCEL.




Our best selling GAC-3 cable, the classic three conductor design long associated with Neumann microphones, is currently produced in classic grey and black. But prior to 2005 it was also available in green, yellow, white, blue and red. We have used these colors of GAC-3 in microphone cable assemblies for the past 9 years.

The final production run of the colors had a minor glitch that allowed for oxidation of the outer shield on some of the cables. When present, the oxidation slows our assembly process a bit, but aside from this inconvenience, all these cables perform superbly. We have sold hundreds of these cable assemblies without any complaints.

We were are able to obtain large stocks of green, white and yellow cable at a discounted price and we are offering 20 foot assemblies with Neutrik black shell, gold pin XLR’s at the excellent price of $ 31.50 each. These are currently available in Green, Yellow, Red and White (quantities of some colors are limited : Red is running VERY low ).

TAME THE TANGLES SALE: Gear gets more and more compact and recording spaces get smaller and smaller. So why are you still tripping over or detangling those those messy 20 and 25 foot cables ? Get the best cable in a convenient and practical 10 Foot Length. Our best selling GAC-3 cables in colors with black shell, gold pin XLR connectors. RED, YELLOW, GREEN, WHITE. A great buy at $ 26.50 each. We also have 10 foot assemblies made from current Gotham stock in BROWN, BLACK AND GREY. These are priced at $30.00 each.

There are some specials for assemblies made with B stock GAC-3-5.8mm and older stock GAC-2V1 on the LITTLE SALE PAGES.

*ODDS AND ENDS / LEFTOVER SPECIALS: These have all been moved to THE LITTLE SALE pages with the exception of the multipair remnants which are listed in their own page in the SALE ITEMS section.