Posted Sunday March 15, 2009

In 2016 Gotham has introduced a new range of cables for supplying AC Power to high end audio and studio components. The GPC range includes two cables with FRNC jackets and basic foil shielding and two cables with flexible PVC jackets and sophisticated Reussen shielding for highly effective protection against power noise transfer to surrounding audio cables.

In August 2017, Gotham Audio LLC began offering terminated AC Power assemblies, fabricated by our assembly shop partners in Illinois, featuring three of the GPC cables.

The IP-225 is a basic foil shielded cable assembly with IEC and Edison connectors from Hi-Fi King. The IP-025 is a premium Reussen shielded cable assembly with high quality Wattgate IEC and Edison connectors and a flexible PVC jacket. The IP -055 assemblies feature even more extensive shielding, large 5.5mm2 conductors and audiophile grade Wattgate Evo IEC and Edison connectors.

In addition we now offer a ruggedized data cable for CAT5E applications, featuring a flexible protective PUR jacket similar to ones used in audio cables. (# 80116). We also offer superior tactical CAT5E, CAT6, DMX Pro and HD Video Coax bulk cable from Clark Wire and Cable

The growing demand for BNC terminated cables for Digital Audio and Word Clock applications has led us to partner with Clark Wire and Cable to offer our customers truly high performance cable assemblies made with Clark 7506F SDI Coaxial Cable and ADC BNC connectors. Our clients tell us these assemblies outperform similar products for audiophiles and professionals that cost 5 to 10 times as much See the HD Coax listings on our GAC Assemblies pages.

In 2017, Gotham Audio LLC introduced a number of specialized cable assemblies to fill market niches where reasonably priced, high-performance cable products were difficult to find.

We designed several Mini-TRS interconnect assemblies featuring rugged Switchcraft mini-connectors and unique Gotham cables.

We introduced a TRS terminated UltraPro cable assembly for demanding field applications. Multi-Stage Reussen shielding, thick yet flexible UltraPro jacketing, Amphenol T Series Jumbo connectors and traditional Gotham audio quality combine to make these assemblies roadworthy in every way.

Responding to requests from many musicians, we initiated production of high end speaker cable assemblies for connections between amp heads and speaker cabinets.

All these new products are branded as LINCOLN HERITAGE cable assemblies and sold on the Internet by The Sound Parcel, a specialized company that we partner with. Call for details.

Gotham has introduced an unshielded four conductor cable GHC-4/1 ( # 21045). This is a super-flexible soft cable for mobile usage with headphones.

AN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS : The ULTRAPRO range of high end cables featuring our newest concepts in multiple layers of shielding and our acclaimed UltraPro jacketing and low capacitance insulation.

The GAC-1 UltraPro, an unbalanced cable, has been a favorite with musicians for several years, offering a neutral sonic signature and tremendous “bang for the buck.” It took some time for audiophiles to adopt this cable for RCA terminated interconnect cables but 2014 has seen a strong and growing demand from audiophiles around the world for Gotham UltraPro RCA interconnect assemblies. We currently offer these with Dayton, Deltron and Eichmann RCA connectors

In 2014, we are proud to introduce and stock three new High End versions of our GAC-2 microphone and balanced interconnect cable, our audiophile-favorite GAC-4/1 interconnect cable and our GAC-2AES low capacitance analog/digital audio cable.

Initial feedback from audiophiles and mastering engineers in the United States and Korea declares the new 2 and 4 conductor UltraPro cables to be extraordinary products that compete with and best consumer products costing ten to twenty times their price. Quite simply. these may well be the ultimate balanced interconnect cables for the most demanding applications. The GAC-4/1 UltraPro has, in particular, been singled out for providing listeners with a listening experience marked by openness, detail and neutrality far beyond the norm,

Building on the legacy of the famed EMT double-stage Reusen shield cables, these new Gotham designs combine the absolute highest level of protection against RF interference with flexibilty and the other attributes that have made Gotham the cable of choice for so many discerning engineers and audiophiles.

The combination of a rugged UltraPro jacketing and the industry’s most advanced shielding results in a cable that will also be perfectly suited to the most demanding field recording and remote broadcast applications.

All these cables use the Neutrik XX-14 xlr connectors because of their larger outer diameters. We supply both bulk cable and terminated cable assemblies.

The part numbers for the bulk cable are 10561, 10666 (identical to 10561 except for color) and 11301.6

Try a pair and judge for yourself. You can return them within 30 days if you are not totally impressed.

Our GAC Assemblies pages now feature a variety of high end cable assembies with RCA connectors for analog audio and S/PDIF digital audio and truly exceptional BNC terminated HD coax assemblies for word clock and AES-3 applications.

Introduced in 2013 : Products for Vintage Audio enthusiasts. Gotham Audio’s Lewis Frisch has been collecting home playback systems dating from the introduction of solid state components in the mid-1960’s through to the “silver era” of high quality Japanese components, which for most purposes ended around 1982. Many of the very early systems marketed by KLH, Realistic and others incorporated connections to speakers by way of RCA phono jacks on both the amplifier and speakers. The connecting cables were typically low quality, 20 gauge wire with cheap molded connectors.

With his personal collection in mind, Frisch developed a line of high quality RCA terminated speaker cables and modestly priced but equally high quality interconnect cables featuring Gotham cable and Amphenol RCA connectors.

These can be found on our GAC Cable Asemblies pages.

Prior to 2013 Gotham introduced several new specialty cables in response to specific requests from our valued clients :

  • GAC-1 UltraPro is a superior new low-noise cable for use in unbalanced applications such as guitar cords, instrument cables, and phono interconnects. The cable has been specially designed to minimize handling noise ( triboelectric or microphonic effect) through the use of not just one, but TWO layers of conductive PVC, both inside and outside the conductor’s insulation. Of course, this cable also features Gotham’s renowned Double Reussen shielding with at least 90 strands of LCOF copper in each shield. The cellular PE insulation provides the low capacitance critical in these applications and the PVC outer jacket is thick and tough, yet flexible. AVAILABLE IN BLACK and RED.
  • GAC-1 Twin is a new double-shielded unbalanced two pair cable in a parallel configuration (aka as Siamese, or zip cord). Perfect for hi-fi interconnect cables, adaptor cables and Y-Cords. It boasts LCOF Copper wires, low capacitance cellular PE insulation and Yellow and Red color coding for left and right channels. A great combination of reliability, flexibility and signal protection. Because its characteristic impedance is 75 ohms, this cable is also perfect for use as an SVHS video cable. We offer terminated assemblies with Deltron and Amphenol RCA connectprs.
  • A new analog multipair cable, the 17000 series, which is based on our popular GAC-4/1 series of quad construction, low capacitance, double shielded cables. Available in 8, 16 and 24 pair versions, these multipair cables raise the bar for sonically neutral analog signal transport. They combine a highly flexible PVC jacket, low capacitance PE insulation, double Reussen shielding, and quad ( 4 conductor aka star-quad) construction to maximize noise & RF rejection.