Product NewsPosted Friday April 29, 2005

These four, eight and twelve pair cables are extremely versatile, combining highly stabilized 110 Ohm impedance through Starquad Twinax construction with double Reussen shielding. The end result is a compact and highly flexible cable well suited for both analog and digital applications.

Mini AES easily fits into smaller connectors (the 8 pair has been designed with 25 pin D-Subs in mind), flexes well in installations, and still maintains an excellent electrical specification including the low capacitance so important for long runs of analog and digital signals

Most digital cables are foil shielded, a definite shortcoming when it comes to using them in critical analog applications. The famous Gotham double Reussen shielding insures that this Mini AES/EBU digital cable will exhibit excellent performance in all applications.

Since the publication landmark AES papers by Neil Muncy, Jim Brown and Bill Whitlock, an increasing number of consultants have expressed concern about shield-current-induced noise in cables with foil/drain wire shielding. This has sparked renewed interest in double Reussen shielded cables. We have received numerous calls from consultants who were thrilled to find that these cables are once again easily and readily available in the US and Canadian markets.