Gotham Expands Speaker Cable Menu
Product NewsPosted Friday April 29, 2005

While most associate Gotham Audio Cables with microphones, in recent years Gotham has developed a full line of excellent speaker cables. These products are distinguished by highly flexible jackets and finely stranded conductors —- the same characteristics that have attracted so many to Gotham mic cables.

The popular 2.5mm (13 gauge) cables are constructed with 140 strands of 0.15mm bare copper wire for excellent flexibility and power transfer. They are available in 2 conductor, 4 conductor and 8 conductor versions. For the highest power applications, Gotham offers a 2×4.0mm (11 gauge) cable with 224 strands of 0.15mm Wire. This gauge is also available in 4 conductor and 6 conductor versions.

There is also a unique coaxial 2×2.5mm (13 gauge) cable with an ultrastrong yet flexible PUR jacket which is highly resistant to oil, heat and cold. It features 50 ×0.25mm stranding. This has been a particular favorite among audiophiles who combine the coaxial conductors to form a single large gauge cable that still maintains compact size and flexibility. They use double runs of these with each speaker.

NEW FOR 2013 : We now offer a 2×6.0mm (9 gauge) cable for applications requiring very high power handling and damping capabilities.

All of the above cables have been acclaimed by several manufacturers of high-end audiophile power amplifiers. We receive a steady flow of positive comments from audiophiles who have compared them favorably with the expensive and exotic speaker cables so popular among the “golden ears.”

Where small size is a paramount consideration Gotham also offers these flexible cables in 1.0 mm (17 gauge) and 1.5 mm ( 15 gauge) sizes.