Gotham Gazette

Following are two comments that typify what we hear from so many customers. Music to our ears but not always the best news for our wallets. If Gotham cables often provide more than satisfactory service for 20-25 years, then there are going to be some real limits on the amount of return business that we can write. We love our loyal clients, but if they buy our cable once every decade or two, then how do we fare as a manufacturer ?

So you can appreciate our situation. We build a good product that lasts way too long and serves our clients way too well. But if we did anything less, then it wouldn’t be Gotham Cable. The solution to this dilemma is that we always need new clients. Please tell a friend, spread the word on-line, help us to reach the next generation of recording engineers and enthusiasts. Then we can expect a whole new batch of letters 20 years from now, when many of our friends will get around to replacing the cable that they will purchase this summer !

Incidentally, I have two Gotham Audio microphone cables which are more than 25 years old. They are still quite flexible and work just fine. I prefer to use them over all the others.
Clemente Hernandez

It is great news that you’re doing this!! … . As a side note, I built a remote truck in 1984 with two 100m Gotham 27 pair snakes. I’ve since sold the truck, but the snakes are still in daily use. They are fabulous cables, as you must know. Another side note, I bought U67s from Steve in the ’60s and a complete mastering system in ’77, so I have appropriate respect for the name Gotham.
Gary Hedden