Gotham Gazette

Gotham Audio LLC receives many inquiries regarding the repair of Neumann microphones. From 1958 through the early 1990’s, the Gotham Audio Corporation was the exclusive US distributor for Neumann mics.

After Gotham stopped selling the microphones, they continued as an authorized service center. Throughout the 1990’s these repairs were performed by Gotham Service Lab, headed by Joe Leung. Joe retired some 15 years ago and the Gotham Service Lab is no more.

We have enjoyed corresponding with a number of talented master craftsmen who are involved with the repair and modification of precision electronics, vintage gear, and specialized or boutique electronic design. We are privileged to have them as both GOTHAM clients and resellers. We’ve listed a few below who may be particularly useful to those seeking repair and/or modificatio of vintage Neumann microphones:

Recent discussions with DAVID BROWN, located in the Santa Monica / Los Angeles area, have introduced us to what appears to be a well established ( since 2002) microphone repair business with excellent recommendations. There is a great deal of information about his background and business posted on the website at
With some 35 years of experience under his belt, David promises expert work, good communications and reasonable turnaround times. (818) 874-9895

RMS AUDIOWORKS located in Chicago, IL, offers in addition to their own line
of Vintage Style Microphones, full servicing of Vintage Neumann and AKG Tube
Microphones including the U47, U48, C12, C12vr, 250, 251, M49, M249, U67, &
M269. These services include custom modification, technical, and cosmetic
repair. (

JAMES GANGWER, in Albany, CA, also brings years of experience to both repair and custom design. (
He does warranty work for several manufacturers

BRIAN FOX at Fox Audio Research in Canada is a talented modifier of classic gear and a good source for expert information.

KLAUS HEYNE, of German Masterworks in Oregon, is a legend in the world of microphones with 20 years experience modifying condenser microphones for elite studio & scoring engineers and artists. (

RON HOLMES, Holmes Engineering in Bakersfield, CA, has deep interest in vintage gear, which he repairs, while also offering a variety of new and truly valuable custom designs for musicians and recording artists. (

TOM ONOFRIO is a former technician at Neumann USA in Old Lyme CT. Tom worked for Sennheiser/Neumann for over 20 years as a microphone tech. In these years he have provided Neumann repairs to many clients, from talented musicians to large corporations. He has recently gone independent and will be dedicated solely to repairing and servicing Neumann microphones. The specifics are ; Tom Onofrio, +1 203 317-7762 Cell Meriden, CT USA & Kissimmee, FL USA

Much of Joe Leung’s shop equipment was sold to Tracy Korby, microphone builder and modifier, who began his career with Stephen Paul Audio, at one time, the only US service center outside of Gotham authorized to do warranty work for Neumann. Over the years, many have used Korby Audio Technologies as a source for repairs and service for Neumann microphones, but at this time we must advise due caution in dealing with them

Tracy’s business has relocated quite a few times over the years, moving from the West Coast to Pennsylvania, then to the Blackbird studio complex in Nashville, then to Georgia and more recently to Virginia and then back to Nashville in 2014. Our communications with Korby since December 2013, have created doubts as to their ability, at this time, to conduct the repair business in an orderly and professional manner. We advise similar caution in dealing with another former Stephen Paul technician, Tony Merrill.

The original Gotham Audio Corporation and the associated Gotham Service labs have both closed their doors many years ago. Gotham AG in Switzerland and Gotham Audio LLC in the US continue the Gotham tradition but we are only involved with the sale of Gotham Audio Cable.

We greatly appreciate Gotham’s historic ties with companies such Neumann and EMT and we attempt to research and document that history so as to preserve a very special piece of audio history. But here in the US we are not involved with the sale, repair, maintenance, appraisal, documentation, etc. of any professional audio equipment from the old Gotham catalog.

If you have a recognized and professional business involved with the repair, restoration and modification of vintage Neumann microphones, then we’d love to hear from you.

Finally, although this has noting to do with Neumann, we wanted to give some special recognition to Clarence Kane at ENAK MIC REPAIR in Pittman New Jersey, a city forever identified with the legendary RCA electronics. Many owners of vintage ribbon microphones would agree that Clarence’s shop should be declared a National Historic site. He has been, and still remains, an invaluable resource to all who view ribbon microphones, especially the RCA models, as both historical treasures and a continuing vital component in recording and broadcast equipment inventories.