GOTHAM AUDIO LLC will be closed Monday March 12 through Thursday March 15. We will return to the office and resume shipping on Friday March 16

We are traveling to Nashville to visit family and clients there.

Among the highlights of this trip will be our visits to Atelier 13, a premier high-end audio salon, and the opportunity to tour Matthew “Buster” Allen’s on-going renovation of the historic studio on 16th Avenue South originally built by Nashville legend “Cowboy” Jack Clements and operated under the “ Jack’s Track’s” name until Garth Brooks acquired ownership in 2010.

Almost all of Garth’s successful albums had been recorded there and Garth renamed the studio “ Allentown” in honor of his Hall of Fame producer, Allen Reynolds. Reynolds began working for Cowboy Jack just after his arrival in Nashville and immediately achieved outstanding success producing Don Williams, Crystal Gayle and a host of others before his immensely popular association with Garth Brooks.

Matthew and veteran Nashville studio technician Terry Palmer have made extensive use of a variety of Gotham cables as they restore and update this landmark recording facility

We will respond to phone calls (404- 840-0070) and e-mails while traveling.


Most of you are aware that Gotham Audio LLC moved into a dedicated commercial space in 2016. Since 2004, much of our operation had been based out of our home office, storage and shipping facilities at 141 E. Center Street.

In May 2016, Gotham Audio leased dedicated commercial space at 135 Spring Street, Unit C, less than a mile from our previous location. All moving of files, internet service, etc was completed during the first week of October. OUR PO BOX FOR MAILED CORRESPONDENCE AND PAYMENTS REMAINS THE SAME. Phone numbers have not changed.

We sold our 110 year old home in October 2017 and moved into an lovely apartment less than a mile away in Nazareth overlooking the waters of Lake Orwig ( actually a huge abandoned quarry that is home to nearly a million snow geese every autumn).

Gotham shares space with my other business, Bedford Vintage Hi-Fi. The office is a virtual museum of vintage consumer electronics from the late 1960’s through the early 1980’s. The wonderful “silver era.” Visitors are welcome (By Appointment). If you are visiting Martin Guitar in Nazareth, why not give us a call ?

Lewis Frisch, Chief Operating Officer
Gotham Audio LLC