Gotham Audio Cables, the European choice in professional audio wiringA Proud Tradition

Since 1976 the Gotham name has been associated with a superior range of professional audio cable for the recording, production and broadcast industries. The simple goal: Minimize noise and interference. Meet the demand for worry-free transport of audio signals in today's challenging electromagnetic environment.

Gotham Audio Cables were originally imported from Austria by the Gotham Audio Corporation in New York City. In 1983, Gotham Audio established a subsidiary, Gotham AG, in Regensdorf, Switzerland. When Gotham Audio founder Stephen Temmer retired in 1985, he transferred the sales rights for Gotham Audio Cables to the Swiss company, headed by Franz Ammann. Gotham AG established an international distribution network for the cables, while developing a wide range of new products.

Gotham Audio Cables reflect the proud heritage of German broadcast engineering. Much of the range features "Double Reussen Shielding." This design, first introduced by EMT in 1966, features two layers of 100% coverage, bare copper wires, wound in opposite directions over the conductors to provide the maximum RF-rejection. The finely stranded copper wire and supple jacketing assure superb flexibility, easy and fast handling, low memory and reliable, long life.

Manufacturers of some of the world's most prestigious and costly microphones have made Gotham their cable of choice. Yet for all their noise-free, neutral sonic quality and superior feel and finish, Gotham Audio Cables are modestly priced!!

Gotham... Past and Present

Gotham Audio Cables achieved great popularity in North American audio markets during the 1980s when they were distributed by the Gotham companies in New York City and Canada. After the untimely demise of the New York Gotham in the early 1990s, distribution passed to a new company, DGS, associated with Mouser Electronics in Mansfield, Texas. After considerable initial success, the relationship between DGS and the Swiss Gotham deteriorated and by the late 1990s, DGS was no more and Gotham availability in North America became problematic.

In 2002, a Canadian company was appointed as the new distributor for both the US and Canada but American clients found them difficult to deal with. Gotham AG owners Franz and Manuela Ammann knew that the American and Canadian markets deserved more focused professional distribution and support. In 2004, they began working with industry veteran Lewis Frisch to improve visibility and distribution in the US.

Inspired by the legacy of Stephen Temmer and his Gotham Audio Corporation, Frisch's new company, Gotham Audio LLC, completely revamped and rejuvenated distribution in North America. Since 2005, the famed Gotham Audio name and distinctive Gotham logo have regained a position of prominence in the American audio market, continuing a 60 year tradition of professionalism and excellence in technical sales.

Sadly history often repeats itself. The original US Gotham company distributed Neumann products for over 30 years but suddenly in 1991, the foundation of their business was rocked when Sennheiser acquired Neumann and immediately ended Gotham's distribution of Neumann products. Just as suddenly, in November 2018, Gotham AG stopped shipping cable to Gotham Audio LLC, ending a relationship between Lewis Frisch and Gotham that dated back to January 1985. In April 2019 Gotham AG initiated new distribution for the US and Canada.

Lewis Frisch continues to do business as Gotham Audio Sales Co. and Gotham Audio (USA), supplying Lincoln Heritage Series Cable Assemblies and bulk cable products from his remaining stock of Gotham cable and new cable from Clark Wire and Cable.

Please call Lewis Frisch at (610) 746-9342 or email for information, samples and pricing.