Lewis Frisch announces the retirement of Gotham Audio (USA) effective July 1, 2022. This ends his formal association with the Gotham brand which began in January 1985 when he was appointed by Gotham Audio as a dealer for Neumann microphones and Gotham audio cables.

Gotham Audio was officially launched by Stephen Temmer when he registered the Gotham Audio Corporation with the State of New York on June 11, 1958. In 1983, Temmer organized a Swiss company, Gotham AG, to handle Gotham’s export sales to Europe and the very popular Gotham Audio Cables, manufactured in Austria. The US Gotham companies ceased to exist in the 1990s but they were re-started as Gotham Audio LLC in 2004. The LLC was a partnership between Lewis Frisch, who managed all operations in the US & Canada, and Franz Ammann, who headed the Swiss Gotham company.

Swiss Gotham ended that partnership in early 2019 and the US company continued on as Gotham Audio (USA) and Gotham Audio Sales Co.

All business activities of Gotham Audio (USA) ended on June 30, 2022.

The remaining stock of bulk Gotham Cable and GAC cable assemblies will be sold through on-line marketplaces administered by Lewis Frisch.

For further information and listings of products for sale please refer to the following:

We are pleased to continue to answer your questions regarding Gotham’s history, products and cable applications.


Thank you for your support over these past 17 years.