Lewis Frisch announces the retirement of the US Gotham companies in the first half of 2022. This ends his formal association with the Gotham brand which began in January 1985 when he was appointed as a dealer for Neumann microphones and Gotham audio cables.

Beginning in December 2021, we will be liquidating our remaining stock of bulk audio cable. Direct sales of bulk cable and cable assemblies will continue through June 2022. Beginning in July 2022, these products will be sold exclusively through on-line marketplaces. All business activities as Gotham Audio (USA) will cease on June 30, 2022.



Some popular cables have already sold out but we have many other available at substantial discount for cut lengths and truly remarkable discounts for full roll purchases. As of December 1, 2021, this inventory includes:

GAC-2 # 104xx Balanced mic & interconnect cable (black & colors)
GAC-2V1 # 10421 Low noise balanced mic & interconnect cable
GAC-2PUR # 10502 Extra rugged mic cable
GAC-3 # 107xx Classic 3 conductor mic cable (grey and colors)
GAC-3-5.8mm # 10802 Classic 3 conductor mic cable, thicker brown jacket
DGS-2 # 70108 Economy mic cable (black)
GAC-1 # 100xx Unbalanced instrument & interconnect cable (black & colors)
GAC-1 UltraPro # 10012 Our best unbalanced cable for instruments & interconnects (black)
GAC-1S/PDIF # 10070 Pro S/PDIF Digital Cable
DGS-1 # 6000x Economy unbalanced cable (black & colors)
CAT5E # 80166 Tactical shielded Data Cable
GHC-4/1 # 21045 Untraflexible, unshielded Headset Cable
GAC-4/1mini # 10921 MiniQuad Installation Cable FRNC jacket
SPK 2x4.0mm # 50240 11 AWG Speaker Cable, FRNC Jacket
SPK 2x2.5mm # 50025 13 AWG Speaker Cable, FRNC Jacket
SPK 2x4.0mm # 50040 11 AWG Speaker Cable, PVC Jacket
SPK 4x2.5mm # 54025 13 AWG Speaker Cable, 4-conductor, PVC Jacket
SPK 2x1.5mm # 50215 15 AWG Speaker Cable, FRNC Jacket
SPK 6x4.0mm # 56040 11 AWG Speaker Cable, 6-conductor, PVC Jacket
SPK 8x2.5mm # 58025 13 AWG Speaker Cable, 8-conductor, PVC Jacket
GAC-2/1 FRNC # 10306 Balanced Installation Cable, FRNC jacket
GAC-2foilAES # 10652 AES Digital Installation Cable, Foil Shielded
GAC-2MiniAES # 10620 Mini-AES Digital Installation Cable, Purple PVC jacket
GAC-2MiniAES # 10630 Mini-AES Digital Installation Cable, Black PVC jacket
GAC-2MiniAES # 10640 Mini-AES Digital Installation Cable, FRNC jacket
GAC-2pr.FoilAES # 16302 Dual Flat Foil AES Digital Installation Cable
GAC-2pairRound # 13001 Two Pair Round Analog Multipair
GAC-2pair Flat # 12001 Two Pair Flat Analog Multipair
GAC-1Twin # 12010 Dual Flat Unbalanced Cable
GAC-8pair # 14008 Classic 8 pair Analog Multipair
GAC-8pair Quad # 17008 Quad 8 pair Analog Multipair
GAC-16pair # 14016 Classic 16 pair Analog Multipair
GAC-16pairQuad # 17016 Quad 16 pair Analog Multipair
GAC-24pair # 14009 Classic 24 pair Analog Multipair
GAC-24pairQuad # 17024 Quad 24 pair Analog Multipair

Well over 100 assorted cable assemblies are now offered for sale at the following Ebay store:

New assemblies and some bulk cable coils will be added regularly throughout 2022.

Many popular GAC and Lincoln Heritage Cable assemblies are offered for sale by The Sound Parcel, an on-line vendor with a retail store located in Easton, PA

We have been out of GAC-7 tube microphone cable for many months but we just found a 40 meter spool during our warehouse reorganization.

Selling as cut lengths for $ 1.49 per foot. No minimum.

We will post new items, special price reductions and other news at the Other Sale Items page on this website.


Gotham Audio was officially launched by Stephen Temmer when he registered the Gotham Audio Corporation with the State of New York on June 11, 1958. The US Gotham companies ceased to exist in the 1990s but were re-started in 2004, as a partnership between Lewis Frisch and Franz Ammann, who headed the Swiss Gotham company. The Swiss Gotham company ended that partnership in 2019 and the US company continued on as Gotham Audio (USA) and Gotham Audio Sales Co, until the retirement of Lewis Frisch in 2022.


Thank you for your support over these past 17 years.